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IN MAY OF 2011, I sold my house, furnishings and vehicles, then gave away everything else to leave the U.S. with 3 suitcases to travel half-way around the world to a country I have never been to: The Philippines. I lived there happily with no regrets for 2 1/2 years and then continued on to Thailand, Cambodia, Nicaragua and Mexico! Discover what can await you in a new life abroad as I share the sights, sounds and flavors of foreign cultures and reveal to you what I discovered along the way. This is all about my continuing adventure, and I will show you how easy it really is for you to do the same. Are you frustrated with the high cost of living in western culture? I'll share my secrets on how I lived comfortably abroad in all of the countries I visited on a tight budget of only $800.USD per month. With a guide who has been there and done it, I assure you:  You can do the same!

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I'm Steven Graham, an American explorer, photographer, travel-writer and A.I. News Service correspondent who loves to share what I've seen and discovered since exploring the world full-time beginning in May of 2011.

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© 2015 All rights reserved worldwide - Steven Graham Photography

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