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About Me

I'm Steven Graham, American explorer, photographer, travel-writer and A.I. News Service correspondent who loves to share what I've seen and discovered since exploring the world full-time beginning in May of 2011.

I set out back then to prove that one does not need to be wealthy in order to live abroad. On the contrary, I have lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Nicaragua and Mexico on less than $800.USD per month, while still enjoying some of the finer things in life. The point is, if I can do it so can you, and if you'll invest a little of your time exploring my website, I will show how you can do the same as you sample the tropics with me along the way.


I will continue to share photos, travel articles, tips, little-known secrets, a list of "must-haves" when traveling, how and where to stay "on-the-cheap" and other essential tips and information that I've learned first-hand. I promise you, this is not your typical travel-blog website.


I will also take you behind-the-scenes, to reveal some little-known tidbits of information that will help you enormously, while treating you to some of the most beautiful photos and rich articles about my travels. 


Get ready for continuing adventure as I do my best to entertain and equip you to step out from your comfort zone and explore the world without fear. And if you have any questions along the journey, please feel free to contact me. Now, sit back and let the fun begin!

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