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Can you transform relaxation into an artform?
The scene below seems to blend the two nicely.

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© 2015 All rights reserved worldwide - Steven Graham Photography

Nothing seems to speak to the nature of relaxation quite as nicely as sitting at the edge of your private infinity-pool while gazing out over an aqua-blue tropical sea framed by coconut palms on a black sand beach.


Tranquility is not only the result of a quieted and transformed state of mind, but can easily be a well-chosen locale. This enchanting scene is probably one we may all wish to step into and experience for ourselves.


This author was fortunate enough to be this lovely lady's good friend and traveling companion to the Crystal Paradise Resort, Spa and Winery on the southern end of the island of Palawan in the Philippines where we spent 10 sun-drenched days being pampered like royalty in a first-class tropical resort.

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